Treating kidney stones within the kidney itself

August 13 2020 by From: Collegial – The Coloplast-magazine for partners in healthcare, Germany, 112, Autumn 2018
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Managing Assistant Medical Director and Head of the Division of Endourology and Stone Therapy in the Department of Urology at the Klinikum rechts der Isar of Technical University of Munich (TUM)
One end of the double loop stent is placed in the kidney and ensures that the kidney empties reliably into the bladder.

Indications for Use: Drainage of the upper urinary tract over fistulas or ureteral obstacles. Healing of the ureter.

Warnings: Reuse of this single use product may create a potential risk to the user. Reprocessing, cleaning, disinfection and sterilization may compromise product characteristics which in turn create an additional risk of physical harm to or infection of the patient.

Adverse Events: The following events have been reported although their occurrence greatly depends on medical conditions of a patient: infection, encrustation, obstruction, rupture, migration, bladder irritation symptoms, pain, hematuria, erosion.

See Instructions for Use for detailed information regarding warnings/precautions, adverse events prior to using this product.

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From: Collegial – The Coloplast-magazine for partners in healthcare, 112, Autumn 2018
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