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September 1 2020 by Coloplast Interventional Urology,
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The Elefant suction/irrigation device is intended for use in laparoscopic procedures as an operating tool with irrigation and suction capabilities. It is a single use device designed for introduction and use through a properly-sized trocar.


Any existing contraindications to laparoscopic procedures. Any know allergies to the medical device materials.


This type of instrument must only be used by trained and experienced professionals. Single Use Only. Reuse of this single use product may create a potential risk to the user.


The choice of the size of the cannula is under the responsibility of the physician and is based on the size of the trocar used for laparoscopy. Any use other than stated indications is under the responsibility of the physician. This type of device must only be used by trained professionals. This device is not intended to generate high pressure. The maximal pressure tolerated for the Elefant suction/irrigation device is 0.6 bar.

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